Cancer Treatment

Many people find that a well-fitted wig gives them more self-confidence during cancer treatment.
Our wig service is unique, private and personalised. We offer an extensive range of synthetic and natural wigs along with head scarves, beanies, cotton caps and hair extensions in our studio.
A friendly cancer nurse(on demand) will help you choose a flattering wig, fit it correctly and give you advice on wig maintenance and care. You're very welcome to bring someone to your appointment for extra support.
Make an Appointment
To make time to see us or get more information, caal us or email us at We also welcome inquiries from family and friends.
We're located at 335 E 9th St New York, NY 10003. 
The wig service is open Monday to Saturday, 10AM - 7PM.
If you live out of town and cannot get to us easily, we offer a free shipping on all our wigs.
Support our zero waste solution
At HairTriss, we recycle almost every type of waste, we happily accept the following items in good, clean condition:
  • synthetic wigs
  • Natural wigs
  • head extensions and weaves
  • beanies and cotton caps
You can drop your donated items into our wig service or post them to:
121 New York Av, Trenton, NJ 08638
How can you support us?
While we don't accept hair donations or offers to make wigs, there are other important ways you can help:
  • Start a fundraiser : Ask friends, family and colleagues to donate towards you shaving or cutting your hair.
  • Donate to America Cancer Society. Your donation will help us buy more wigs for those who face cancer in future.
To find out more about supporting or using our wig service, send us an email to
Hairtriss team