Medical Wigs

New York #1 Trusted Provider of Medical Wigs

At HairTris, we understand that sometimes people choose to wear hairpieces for more important reasons than simply to change their look. If you have suffered hair loss as a result of chemotherapy, radiotherapy, medication or conditions such as alopecia, we have a range of medical wigs to suit your needs. Our dedicated staff in our New York and soon to be Los Angeles salons are experts at helping clients achieve the look they’ve always wanted and restore their sense of self-confidence.

Wigs that help cancer patients regain their self confidence

We understand that losing your hair can be a traumatic experience and because of this, many people are hesitant to acknowledge their hair loss and invest in a wig that they love. This is why we handle every client with sensitivity and care.  Our professionals will work with you to ensure you end up with something that makes you feel confident and comfortable in your own skin. The range wigs for cancer patients we stock in our New York and Los Angeles salons are best in class when it comes to medical hairpieces. HairTriss range is designed to look as natural as possible and suit a range of different complexions and personal styles.

Look good and feel great with well-constructed designs

When you choose to purchase a wig from HairTriss, you can be confident that you are investing in the absolute best product on the market. We are dedicated to providing a comprehensive range of services to cancer patient clientele and other customers with medical conditions through a diverse range of synthetic and human hair products as well as eyelashes and eyebrow products(coming soon), If you would like to hear more about our medical wigs, pay a visit to one of our salons and speak to our friendly staff about how we can help you get back to feeling confident about the way you look.

Suzanne and Morgan,
HairTriss team